Care Coordination Toolkit

Resources for payers at every step of the transplant process



During this phase, your member receives a diagnosis of a disease that can be treated by a transplant. It's important the patient understands their coverage and benefits, gets all their questions answered, and understands next steps.

Resources for your member

Resources for your providers (Primary Care)


About Care Coordination

Care coordination is the focus on organizing patient health care from multiple providers and can lead to improved health outcomes by addressing inefficiencies, waste, and potential errors. Well-coordinated care is especially important in hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT), which is a resource-intensive and medically complicated procedure. This toolkit was created to provide resources for payers, their members, and providers in their networks at each stage of the transplant process.   

The Care Coordination Toolkit was developed as a collaboration between the Advisory Group on Barriers to Transplant (AGBT) and NMDP/Be The Match. Special thanks to AGBT members Nandita Khera and Pat Martin for their work developing the toolkit.