Better HCT Outcomes Over Time in Children and Adolescents

Major advances in supportive care and HCT practice in the past decade have resulted in expanded indications and a significant survival benefit for pediatric patients undergoing allogeneic HCT, according to a single-center study of 250 children and adolescents transplanted between 1983 and 2010. Five-year overall survival was significantly higher in 2000-2010 compared to 1983-1999 (64% vs. 52%, respectively; p=0.03), and non-relapse mortality was significantly lower (9% vs. 27%, respectively; p=0.0002). There was a trend toward higher progression-free survival (57% vs. 49%, respectively) but this was not significant (p=0.17). The authors note that incorporating novel therapeutic advances for better control of pre-HCT disease and improved post-care management is needed to address relapse rates.

Brissot E, et al. Bone Marrow Transplant