Front-Line Allo- or Auto-HCT Prolongs Survival in Young Patients with PTCL

This phase II study investigated chemotherapy and HCT in patients with newly diagnosed peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCLs) and found that front-line allogeneic or autologous HCT is effective in prolonging disease-free survival (DFS) in young patients (≤60 years). Young patients (n=61) received two courses of CHOP-21, alemtuzumab, and two courses of high-dose chemotherapy. Patients in this group who responded (n=38) underwent allogeneic or autologous HCT, depending on donor availability. Older patients (>60 and ≤75 years; n=25) received six courses of CHOP-21 and alemtuzumab. Four-year DFS was 65% and 44% in the younger and older patient cohorts, respectively.

Corradini P, et al. Leukemia