Multi-Center Validation of the Prognostic Value of the HCT-Specific Comorbidity Index

This multi-center, retrospective analysis of 2,523 consecutive allogeneic transplants at five U.S. transplant centers has validated the prognostic value of the hematopoietic cell transplantation-specific comorbidity index (HCT-CI) to predict the risk of non-relapse mortality (NRM) and overall survival (OS). In all patients, HCT-CI scores of 0, 1-2, and ≥3 were associated with two-year NRM of 14%, 23% and 39%, respectively (p<0.0001), and two-year OS of 74%, 61% and 39%, respectively (p<0.0001). The researchers noted that HCT-CI retained its independent capacity for association with outcomes within different age as well as conditioning intensity groups.

ElSawy M, et al. Br J Haematol

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