Personalized Prognostic Information for Adult Leukemia Survivors after HCT

By analyzing outcomes data of 3,339 adults with AML and 1,434 adults with ALL submitted to the CIBMTR, researchers have developed formulas to estimate future leukemia-free survival (LFS) of transplant recipients surviving one year or more post-transplant. According to the researchers, most clinical factors predictive of LFS in 1-year survivors were no longer significant after two or more years post-transplant. For AML, only disease status (beyond CR1) remained a significant adverse risk factor for LFS two or more years post-transplant. For ALL, only extensive chronic GVHD remained a significant adverse predictor of LFS in the second and subsequent years. Estimates for subsequent LFS and extensive chronic GVHD can be derived for individual patients or populations using online calculators available on the CIBMTR website.

Lee SJ, et al. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant