Review: HCT for Burkitt lymphoma

In this review, the authors examine the role of allogeneic and autologous HCT in the treatment of adults with Burkitt lymphoma (BL). They note that although intensive chemotherapy can often result in long-term disease-free survival, a significant proportion of patients with high-risk BL will have refractory disease or will relapse. Topics discussed include identifying high-risk patients, offering upfront autologous HCT vs. HCT for relapsed or refractory disease, standard and reduced-intensity allogeneic HCT, and HCT in HIV-positive BL patients and those with B-cell lymphoma unclassified. The authors identify future research directions that may improve outcomes in BL, such as molecular diagnostics, FDG-PET scanning, and minimal residual disease monitoring.

Ahmed SO, et al. Bone Marrow Transplant