Risk Factors in HCT for Cytogenetically Normal AML

In a large-scale study of 752 adult patients with cytogenetically normal AML, only two factors in a multivariate analysis were associated with poor overall survival (OS) after allogeneic HCT in first complete remission: patient age 50 years and older and presence of FLT3-ITD. These were the only major risk factors for OS, and were independent from other risk factors such as type of donor or type of conditioning regimen. FLT3-ITD was significantly associated with increased cumulative incidence of relapse (p<0.0001), decreased leukemia-free survival (p=0.0002), and OS (p=0.0006). In an abstract presentation at ASH, the lead author concluded that these results "underscore the importance of post-transplant strategies to prevent relapse in AML with FLT3-ITD

Schmid C, et al. Blood